Edward (edward516) wrote in overrrides,

2 questions, not really requests....

1.how do you make your entries only scroll to halfway down the page? say if you have a background that takes up the whole bottom half but you don't want your entries to scroll over it

2.how do you make a separate part of your page for your entries like www.livejournal.com/users/kikme ?
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could someone by any chance help with a layout? im new to all of this stuff and im confused. aim = sameprettylies
1- You never ever ever make a request in a comment. It's disrespectful because then people think the original poster has already received help.

2- If you want a layout you should use the layout request form in the info.

3- It's too late anyway because the maintainers already closed the community.
2- use the scrollbox override found at theaerozone.com/lj. It's in the left hand side navigation thing.