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7/24/04 01:08 pm - be_cuz_i_can

Layout Request :)Collapse )


7/24/04 01:56 pm - belicimabambina - :\

Well.... I'm sorry I haven't been doing anything in here lately. I've been busy as hell. I've also recently got sunburn on my face and it's still all swollen so I don't know when I'm going to get to layouts. Sorry about this guys.

7/23/04 08:47 pm - sadistichrist - Tutorials

Can anyone recommend some places to find good tutorials for working with LJ?

I'm trying to find a tutorial that will help me work with my userinfo box (sizing, placement, dividers, etc...) but also would like resources for things I want to be able to do in the future with my new layout (hopefully arriving soon ;p). Thanks!

7/23/04 01:52 pm - poison_x_free

my girlfriend wants me to do her journal layout like mine,i have been trying like crazy and it wont work,simply cause when i change the colors,its messes it up,if someone could help me do a layout like mine in orange,yellow,and throw in some stars,please contact me @
My Livejournal
or email is Piratesarghs@aol.com

If you can help me i will be very thankful,if not,thank you anyways.

7/22/04 08:37 pm - d4r3_y0u_2_m0v3

I need help ... I would like someone to make me a layout. But it's not gonna be an easy job. See, my friend is 14 and he just died from cancer, and the one song that makes me cry, and I don't know why, but it makes me think of him, and things we went through and this song helps me move on. Dare you to move by Switch Foot is my cure and my therapy. So if someone can contact me and I can let you know what I have in mind. My aim screenname is XxLiKaLaLlyYxX. And since this is a new umm username, I'm not sure if you can comment in my journal cuz I haven't wrote anything yet, but you can try.It's quite an emotional rollercoaster and I want this layout to just express it all. If you can tell my username is for it too, and I'm asking people for an icon as well. Please help. Please. I am begging you, I need someway to express myself, and this is it. I am begging you. I am daring you ...

7/22/04 12:34 pm - treno - <3

Layout Request ;DCollapse )

7/21/04 03:52 pm - ex_justdaz3

Hey everyone! I'm sorry to say that I can't be apart of this community anymore I've moved on and my time is very limited right now. Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you.

7/21/04 05:44 pm - belicimabambina - I am overwhelmed.

One thing I would ask from you guys is to limit your requests as of late. I have a REAL lot of work to do because there are plenty of layouts to do on this community. I don't know when I'll be done, so I'll get to you when I get to you. Sorry guys, just that my mom recently had an operation and I haven't had much time. Sorry about that.

And one thing that is going to happen in the near future is that I will be going on vacation for about a week. I'm not going to say that you can't request anything, just that I need to have someone maintain this community while I'm gone. If you're up for it and you have experience, email me (belicimabambina@comcast.net). I'm leaving August 6th, so I won't be back until about the 13th. I might be on earlier than that, it just depends. So I figured I'd let you know beforehand. I'll also post another entry the day before I leave reminding you guys okay? Thanks much.


7/21/04 09:34 am - _____exoh

I'm have trouble with my journal. I tryed to make a certin word a different size and it turns out to be the same size as the rest. Does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it??

<33 Jayde

7/28/04 01:33 am - ifonlyiwas - Question before I Request

This community sucks. A simple no was all that you could have said whenever I asked a question. Fuck this. You guys are selective pieces of shit who give zero help to the people with difficult questions. Too hard for you, pussies? God damn. All I wanted to know was, "no, try somewhere else" even.. Instead I wait for an answer that will never come. Fuck that and fuck you.

PS. Everyone visit exquisite_flaws People there actually ANSWER you.
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