!&natalie. (confront_) wrote in overrrides,

Background image and/or color: http://img3.photobucket.com/albums/v32/randapanda120/pinkline.jpg
Position of the image: repeat
Font, color, and size: verdana, #FBDDFB, 7
Link effect: blur
Link color(s): #FBDDFB
Entry alignment: center
Entry border color and style: in screen shot
Comment links: READ & POST
Browser title:                       CONFRONT_;                   
Cursor: default
Scrollbar colors: black and white
Page transition: fade
Example of what you'd like your journal to look like: shown below
Anything else you would like to add: 7 entries per page
Email and AIM screen name: naydzie@hotmail.com - obsessi0n3d

i want my journal exactly to look like this

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